WebAPI for 3CX
What's new
11 apr 2024 "version": "2.7.5"

  • Fixed bug (Activation error)
  • Added parameter WEBHOOK_URL_MONITOR and WEBHOOK_POST_URL_MONITOR for sending an events to a second endpoint server
  • Added
08 apr 2024 "version": "2.7.4"

  • Fixed bug (when the server time is manually changed)
  • Added parameter CUSTOM_PARAMETERS for composing more complex queries
  • Added the ability to use the Users.csv file to limit the list of internal numbers being processed
  • Added the ability to rename Webhook generator events using Events.csv files
  • Switching to a new framework for the 3CX 20 version
  • Increased work speed for large PBX (more than 128 simultaneous conversations)
  • The licensing server has been replaced
  • Added the ability to send generator webhook events to different servers