3CX any CRM/ERP Integration

A plugin that allows you to implement integration with any CRM, ERP or Service Desk system
  • 1
    Easy to install and support
    It will take 10 minutes to install
  • 2

    Customer card

    Events required to open a customer card in CRM
  • 3
    Missed calls
    Events about missed calls in the queue and by an employee
  • 4
    Make call from CRM using the method click to call
  • 5
    Call detail record (CDR)
    A plugin sends incoming and outgoing, successful and unsuccessful calls including call duration information
  • 6
    MP3 records
    A plugin sends URL link to MP3 records
  • 7
    3CX user state history
    A plugin saves user state history to separate table
  • 8
    REST API & Webhooks
    Connect new call center functions with 3CX API and 3CX Webhook generator
  • 9
    3CX Windows & Debian
    Install as a Windows service or Debian daemon on your 3CX instance
How to integrate 3CX and CRM
Using WebAPI and Webhook events generator for 3CX
  • 1
    Get trial license
    Get trial license of WebAPI and Webhook generator for 3CX. Install it
  • 2
    Look at the events
    Use Webhook.site, Zapier or other soluitions for getting webhook events
  • 3
    Implement event handling in your CRM system
  • 4
    Request a commercial licenses WebAPI, Webhook generator of both and submit the project to production
With the help of the WebAPI and Webhook Generator for 3CX integrations with the following systems were implemented:
  • Zendesk
  • MS Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Salesforce
  • Creatio CRM
  • Hubspot CRM
Root access is required
For the plugin to work, an additional service must be installed on the dedicated server