3CX Webhook generator

A plugin for 3CX Phone that allows you to generate webhook events. It's useful for 3CX CRM integration
  • 1

    Incoming calls

    Call receipt in IVR, queuing, operator response and call termination
  • 2
    Outgoing calls
    Attempt to make a call, picking up the phone by the client, ending the call
  • 3
    Lost calls
    Loss of an incoming call, loss of a call in the queue
  • 4
    Successful calls
    The event of a successfully completed call indicating the duration of the conversation
  • 5
    User state history
    Saving the history of user status changes to the database
  • 6
    MP3 records
    Get a URL to download an mp3 records from your 3CX server
What is the product for?
our product is used in full integration with such systems as: Creatio CRM, Zendesk, MS Dynamics 365, Zoho CRM, SalesForce Customer 360, SAP CRM and others
  • Sending the entire call history to the CRM system
    All incoming, outgoing, missed and unsuccessful calls with external clients will be sent to the CRM system. As well as links to MP3 recordings of conversations
  • Recording the history of user statuses
    The history of changing user statuses is recorded in a separate table for subsequent export to the CRM system
  • Does not depend on the client 3CX application
    Integration does not depend on the softphone, 3CX application or IP phone used by the employee. Use only server API
  • Fast implementation and testing
    15 minutes for installation, 24 working hours for the development of the response part in the CRM system - this is our customer's record
You will receive a download link and installation instructions
Pricing 3CX Webhook generator
Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls required (SC). This includes internal and external calls 3CX.
  • The price doesn’t include any taxes or VAT
  • Annual licenses
  • After payment, you will receive a license key for activation.
  • To purchase more than one year, contact support

How It Works

Example of a successful incoming call
Incoming call DID 420223003090 IVR 800


Placing a call in a queue 802


Agent 102 receives a call


Agent 102 picked up the phone


Call ends

event=incoming&callerid=420774852640&user=102&finishtype=Ok&transfer=False&did=DID-420223003090&title=DID-420223003090:Success call 420774852640(3:24)&id=220726170922_4-1

A few moments later

"FILES": ["https://fqdn.my3cx.eu:5001/webapi/recording/220726170922_4-1-1.mp3" ]


3CX Webhook generator screenshots

3CX Webhook generator video
Root access is required for installation
For the plugin to work, an additional service must be installed on the dedicated server