Enhance your 3CX

3CX Custom Dashboards and Reports

Use WebAPI for 3CX to connect any BI system. Get data from the 3CX database.
  • React to bad news instantly
  • Calls lost in IVR
  • Unsuccessful outgoing calls
  • Time spent by operators during the break
  • Who hung up?
And much more...
Standard 3CX Reports
Use 3CX boxed functions to build reports
Any custom report
Use the power of SQL to build any custom reports
Any custom dashboard
Use the power of SQL to build any custom dashboards
Any BI system
The JSON format allows you to connect any BI system
Get real-time data
Get data instantly and at any time
Get MP3 links
Get links to MP3 conversations


Pricing 3CX WebAPI & Webhook bundle
Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls required (SC) as your 3CX. Annual licenses (per year)
Server root access is required
Not compatible with 3CX StartUP
You will need to install an additional service on the OS (Debian or Windows)