3CX Webhook generator

A plugin for 3CX Phone that allows you to generate webhook events. It's useful for 3CX CRM integration
  • 1

    Incoming calls

    Call receipt in IVR, queuing, operator response and call termination
  • 2
    Outgoing calls
    Attempt to make a call, picking up the phone by the client, ending the call
  • 3
    Lost calls
    Loss of an incoming call, loss of a call in the queue
  • 4
    Successful calls
    The event of a successfully completed call indicating the duration of the conversation
  • 5
    User state history
    Saving the history of user status changes to the database
  • 6
    MP3 records
    Get a URL to download an mp3 records from your 3CX server
You will receive a download link and installation instructions
Pricing 3CX Webhook generator
Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls required (SC). This includes internal and external calls 3CX.
Webhook 4 SC
Webhook 8 SC
Webhook 16 SC
Webhook 24 SC
Webhook 32 SC
Webhook 48 SC
Webhook 64 SC
Webhook 96 SC
$1 199
Webhook 128 SC
$1 679
Webhook 192 SC
$2 159
Webhook 256 SC
$2 399
Webhook 512 SC
$3 599
Webhook 1024 SC
$4 799
  • The price doesn’t include any taxes or VAT
  • Annual licenses

How It Works

Example of a successful incoming call
Incoming call DID 420223003090 IVR 800


Placing a call in a queue 802


Agent 102 receives a call


Agent 102 picked up the phone


Call ends

event=incoming&callerid=420774852640&user=102&finishtype=Ok&transfer=False&did=DID-420223003090&title=DID-420223003090:Success call 420774852640(3:24)&id=220726170922_4-1

A few moments later

"FILES": ["https://fqdn.my3cx.eu:5001/webapi/recording/220726170922_4-1-1.mp3" ]

Root access is required for installation
For the plugin to work, an additional service must be installed on the dedicated server