3CX 18 Web API

Is it not enough 3CX CRM-Template? Use the 3CX REST API to integrate with any CRM or Service Desk system
  • 1


    Use REST API to get IVR, Queue and Extension status of your 3CX
  • 2
    GET methods
    Get the statuses of the user's extension number and more
  • 3
    SET methods
    Set the user status, enter the user into the queue and more
  • 4
    Windows & Debian
    Use a build for Windows or Debian with the same functionality
  • 5
    Install as a service
    Install as a service (daemon) on your 3CX server and use.
  • 6
    3CX Call control API
    Make, Answer, Drop, Transfer and Join Call
You will receive a download link and installation instructions
Pricing 3CX WebAPI
Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls required (SC). This includes internal and external calls 3CX.
WebAPI 16 SC
WebAPI 24 SC
WebAPI 32 SC
WebAPI 48 SC
WebAPI 64 SC
WebAPI 96 SC
WebAPI 128 SC
$1 399
WebAPI 192 SC
$1 799
WebAPI 256 SC
$1 999
WebAPI 512 SC
$2 999
WebAPI 1024 SC
$3 999
  • The price doesn’t include any taxes or VAT
  • Annual licenses
Root access is required
For the plugin to work, an additional service must be installed on the dedicated server